16. 09. 2011

Kahlo Oracle Fox

Well as you guys know I don’t write very much on my blog however recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely designers Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejoof from one of my favourite up and coming Australian labels Kahlo.   I felt like it might be something really cool to share so below so you can read a little bit about the girls’ love of good music, how they work together and if they’ll be showing at the next fashion week…
Oracle Fox:  Can you share with us the story behind how you both met?
Rachelle & Fay:  We met at fashion week through mutual friends.  Within a month we became roommates and within 6 months we had started a business together.
Oracle Fox:  What kind of girl is the “Kahlo girl”?
Rachelle & Fay:  The Kahlo girl appreciates art, travel, fashion both locally and internationally.  She is media savvy, independent and strong. 
Oracle Fox:  When you’re both designing together and trying to make a decision do you ever have to draw straws or pull out the old rock, paper, scissors?
Rachelle & Faye:  No, we pretty much agree on everything however, we’re always willing to compromise if necessary.
Oracle Fox:  I’ve read that this collection was inspired by the artist Man Ray, can you tell us why he stood out to you?
Rachelle & Fay:  Man Ray is an artist whose aesthetic captured our imagination and we especially love his work Tears.
OracleFox:  Tell us about your design process..what does your create space look like?
Rachelle & Fay:  Our lounge room is currently our showroom/office/storage space/meeting place and it’s a nightmare!
OracleFox:  What music inspires you both while you’re designing?
Rachelle & Fay:  Pulp, Software, Warpaint, Beach House, Stevie Wonder.
Oracle Fox:  What interesting books would we find on the shelves at Kahlo headquarters?
Rachelle & Faye:  Vogue Extreme Beauty, Helmut Newton, The Art Museum by Phaidon, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol to name a few.
Oracle Fox:  What is the most sentimental  piece of clothing / accessory that you both own?
Fay:  An opal ring that was given to me from my great grandmother.  The ring was made at the turn of the century in Birmingham, UK.  It’s a beautiful treasure that I’ll pass down to my children.
Rachelle:  My running shoes are my most treasured possession.  I’d go nuts if I couldn’t run everyday.
Oracle Fox:  Do you have a muse, and if not are there any fashionable women out there that inspire you?
Rachelle & Fay:  We love Lara Stone, Chloe Sevigny and Freya Beha.
Oracle Fox:  Will you be showing at Australian Fashion Week next year?
Rachelle & Fay:  At this stage we would like to focus on growing and perfecting our brand within Australia.  However we definitely plan to showcase Kahlo at Sydney fashion week in the near future.
Oracle Fox:  What motto do you live by?
Rachelle & Fay:  Be good to the universe and the universe will be good to you.
OracleFox:  Lastly, where can all of us girls out here find you online?
Hooray!  Well I’m hoping that’s a hint that we’ll be seeing them at next years fashion week and I’m really looking forward to seeing more beautiful collections from both of the girls!  Thank you so much Rachelle and Fay! xx
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