The deal is .. lately we’re all about friendship, sisterhood, partnering with someone that you love or who inspires you, the collaboration.  It’s so funny that in the world we live in, we seem to have more friends than ever before, that is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat .. but are they really friends.  I know

The Big Chill

My mum always says ‘cold hands warm heart’.  In case you hadn’t guessed it I feel the cold… I’m the girl that you see at the movies wearing shearling and the chic on the plane wearing cashmere (with the occasional addition of a pompom beanie, but who’s taking any notice right?).  Always with the best intentions to rug up,

One Of The Boys

My parents where probably the first to notice my aversion for playing with dolls and my equal amount of passion for riding BMX bikes.  Blame it on genetics or the fact that it’s just so comfortable and relaxed, but I love a good suit .. grey jacket and pants: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  white shirt:

Feeling Shady

I’m often surprised at my positive affections towards the colour grey.. well that is because most of high school years were spent cloaked in the most unflatteringly obnoxious grey uniform, tights and all head to toe hideous-ness.   Grey however, ain’t as bland as you may think and could seriously be considered as the perfect

Back To Bassike’s

  Turning up the heat literally , the temperature here has been in the high 30’s this week and it’s been hot enough to fry an egg on top of your leather duffle bag..not that that will be happening any time soon.  In times like this I  like to head to wearing pieces that are

Mistaken Identity

There’s nothing better than relaxed suiting and the perfect balance of boy meets girl.  We’re forever in love with this Tomboy style chic and there’s no better way to start the week ..  model: Violette D’Urso  .  photographer: Scott Trindle  .  Miss Vogue December 2014

Lions Share

There’s something said for a picture speaking a thousand words.. or was that a T-shirt?  Either way the object of today’s look is about keeping things short, sweet and simple.  I happen to almost live in these Acne trousers, in the day time it’s with slides in the night it’s with a sleek pump, the

The Trio Effect

Sometimes you just wake up and don’t want to have to think too much about serious farshun.  Jane Birkin, Daria Werbowy, Caroline De Maigret .. some of my favourite ladies in the fashion stakes have mastered the art of the off duty look.  Trousers are always a O.D staple and let’s not forget a large pair

Love Lost

Somewhere between New York and Paris I met a girl with a fierce set of eyes and the kind of style that you envy, not because she necessarily has the best wardrobe you’ve ever seen but just in the way she put it together.  You know that girl I’m sure.. she doesn’t always brush her

Sure Thing

Mondays for me are all about relaxed workwear, thanks to Anja Rubik for reinterpreting the perfect tailored suit this might need to become part of the weekday outfit rotation .. model: Anja Rubik  .  photographer: Collier Schorr  .  stylist: Sissy Vian  .  Flair Magazine October #13 2014

Suit Yourself

I have a vague memory of a teacher I once had in high school who would wear suits to class.  As you can imagine it’s the kind of memory that is best left undisclosed, those slightly scarring double breasted power suits burnt into my mind.  Through time women and suits have had a love hate relationship,

The Weekend Muse

Only 2 more days until  the weekend so here’s a little inspiration to get you excited about the lazy sunday outfits and as you’re know we’re always a sucker for super babe Carolyn Murphy model: Carolyn Murphy  .  photographer: Dan Martensen  .  Muse Fall 2014