Whether you’re a believer or not the slip-on sandal will continue to make it’s mark in 2014.   By far the laziest and arguably the chicest way to be excused for achieving effortless cool.  An arrangement of affordable and aspirational options for your liking.. Left to right:  Isabel Marant  .  Birkenstocks  .  Nike  .  Elliot The Label 

Toughen Up

They didn’t come up with the name BodyCON for nothing..let me tell you.  Slinky tight dresses look great on a 6ft tall godzilla but most of us can only hope to look half as convincing in the same nowhere to hide ensembles.  That’s why my friends it’s all about the type of the heel you


Just a little round up of some of my favourite distressed denim right now..

Sweet Talker

You may have already declared that you were not a feather person before reading this post, however today my friends I hope to change your mind. With the help of ..well Gucci, and the most magical setting that only Parisian’s are capable of, the odds are on my side. We hope that we’ve convinced you or at the very least inspired, the difference between seeing new things .. and seeing things new..

Missing Pieces

Find me a shoe with a cut-out section, a dress with a mesh panel, an outfit with a midriff window or a low back revealing tanned shoulders. I’m a sucker for missing pieces.. well that’s one piece of the puzzle I really hope to never find..


coat: Topshop . tee: Topshop . bralette: Kriss Soonik . sunglasses: Celine . tote: YSL . leather short: Alexander Wang . slides: Isabel Marant


There’s no denying that the overcoat is making an impact right now. Taking carpark streakers to a chic whole new level..


Workdays for me are about simplicity but always adding just one thing that’s a little unconventional .. well working in the fashion industry you’ve gotta just have a little bit of fun right?


I’m pretty sure that this type of outfit has previously been saved for 1980’s style Miami detectives or even older more questionable salesmen type characters bejewelled with oversized rings and gold necklaces (hairy chest replacing lace triangle bra btw). Well we’re not in Miami today and I promise that I’m not going to try to sell you anything..oh except maybe you should try the double white’ll never know if you never go..

So So

It’s always true I suppose.. the moment that you reach your goal you believe it will satisfy, however inspiration and passion drive the conscience to seek more.. Happy 2014.