28. 06. 2013

Double Up

Alex-Perry-Tony-Bianco-Boots.6 Alex-Perry-Tony-Bianco-Boots.5Alex-Perry-Tony-Bianco-Boots Alex-Perry-Tony-Bianco-Boots.10 Alex-Perry-Tony-Bianco-Boots.2

As I mentioned earlier in the week there’s nothing like denim on denim. Seriously you’ll have to agree that two of anything is always better than one, and their’s always less trouble when you do things in double.. just saying.  Hope you have a lovely weekend.. xx

light denim shirt: Current Elliot  ||  dark denim shirt: Topshop  ||  shorts: Alex Perry (similar here)  ||  lace-up boots:  Alex Perry for Tony Bianco 

photography: Nat Lanyon

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