Givenchy Paris

I’m excited to share with you guys a special project that I’ve put together just for Oracle Fox where I will be illustrating some of my favourite stores around the world. First up Givenchy Paris… what better way to start right? I love to draw and I feel as though I never share enough of my illustrations with you all, so I will be regularly trying to post more of my work when I can. I hope you enjoy… xx


One of my all time favourite ladies Anja Rubik for

Tiny Pistols

A small collection of random things on my dresser right now and a new jewellery acquisition, this perfect little gun necklace from bespoke jewellery designer Elvis Et Moi ..

Crystal Clear

In love with all things white, bright and crystal clear right now. Also if you didn’t realise like me until about an hour ago, both Net-A-Porter and Shopbop are having insane sales right now.. yeharr get into it.. xx


It’s killing me that I’m wearing 3 layers right now .. think I’m envious of you guys in the Northern Hemisphere right now..


The angel faced Adreea Diaconu for Vogue Paris June/July 2013

Costa Del Sol

You might notice that’s there a bit of a re-occuring thing going on here although I’m sure you won’t mind, but right now white on whites are winning all are winning all my fights. I’m also lucky enough to join in the fun with Asos Australia’s ‘State Of Fashion’ , sharing with you guys my what’s hot from the Sunshine State. Don’t forget to check it out and you can join in too. Hoping you guys have an awesome weekend .. xx

Paradise City

Ohh yeah, white jeans never go out of fashion as far as I’m concerned..Axel Rose would be pleased…

For the high end variety head ‘here’.. or if you’ve spent to much money on music and good times lately head ‘here’ for a more affordable option..

Locals Only

Every girl needs a good pair of black ankle boots right? These are my new favourites at the moment and for under $100 you can’t go wrong..’ here’