01. 02. 2013

Double Vision

Josh-Goot-Alex-Red-Umbrellas.2Josh-Goot-Alex-Red-Umbrellas.9Josh-Goot-Alex-Red-Umbrellas.20 Josh-Goot-Alex-Red-Umbrellas.13 Josh-Goot-Alex-Red-Umbrellas.5Seeing double is usually something reserved for someone who’s had one too many Saturday afternoon Mimosa’s right?  Well to put your mind at rest there’s been a good number of beautiful prints out there this season with the double up mirror effect so you’re no you’re not under the influence.  Josh Goot knows just how to get a girl excited about print and I’m feeling kind of intoxicated in the best possible way..

Dress: Josh Goot ||  Sunglasses:  Celine  ||   Boots: Opening Ceremony  ||  Ring: Dallas & Carlos  ||  Bracelet: Asos


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