31 . 12 . 2012



Noora-LappiNoora-Lappi.7Noora-Lippe.11 Noora-Lappi.10 Noora-Lappi.2Noora-Lappi.9 Noora-Lappi.5 Noora-Lappi.3Noora-Lappi.6

I grew out of my freckles, actually they grew out of me.. so sad.  I’m totally smitten with model Noora Lappi and those freckles definitely have something to do with it..

via Rackk and Ruin  | Kevin Trinh  | pintrest

30 . 12 . 2012

Well Suited


Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-7Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-5 Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-16Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-26 Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-22 Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-20 Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-14 Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-9Kasia-Struss-Hugh-Lippe-11

 How is it that we get so swept up with the movement of so many trends.  There’s always something magical about simple androgynous tailoring and don’t get me started about those jet black eyebrows..

Kasia Struss for Hugh Lippe for Exit Magazine.

26 . 12 . 2012

Chateau Du Cara


Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-32Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.5 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.1Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.9 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.8 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.7 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.6 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.4 Cara-Delevingne-The-Journal-#32.3

Loving this editorial of Cara Delevingne for The Journal.  With photographer Hugh Lippe behind the lens magic is always bound to happen..

The Journal #32  ||  photography: Hugh Lippe  ||  styling: Joanne Blades  ||  h+m: Leonardo Manetti

23 . 12 . 2012

Silver Linings


Proenza-Schouler-PS-II-Silver-Chrome1The perfect bag for any mermaid, space cadet or just girl who loves shiny things..


Proenza Schouler PSII Silver Mini



23 . 12 . 2012

A Day With Ashley


Ashley-Smith.32Ashley-Smith.31 Ashley-Smith.24Ashley-Smith.35 Ashley-Smith.33 Ashley-Smith.22 Ashley-Smith.20Ashley-Smith.36 Ashley-Smith.30 Ashley-Smith.26 Ashley-Smith.21

Those eyes, that gap, those lips.. I’m such a fan of Ashley Smith, and just as much of a fan of Natalie Joos feature on Ashley where you get a little bit more of an inside into the girl we love. You can check out the rest of the story .. here

21 . 12 . 2012

Midnight Blues



 In the mood for partying and looking for some elegant/hot New Years options..

Flair Italia December 2012

photography: Katja Rahlwes  || model: Malgosia Bela  ||  styling: Sissy Vian


18 . 12 . 2012

Streets Of Japan

Photo Diary, Travel


So I saved the best til last.  Here’s a little curation of my favourite images from my trip to Japan.  So many good times shared, pavements walked, sashimi devoured and sites seen.  If you get a chance to visit Tokyo anytime soon be sure to check out some of these places.. xx

1. Crystal infused mirror in Frees Shop Shibuya  2. Baleniciaga parcels  3.  Street transport  4.  The view from my room at Cerulean Towers  5. A common site6.  Traditional sweet treats  7. The entrance to an underground aquarium  8. Reading street maps  9.  Sneaky moments from the train 10. Another way of snapping up toys from the vending machine  11. Lanterns in a Shibuya laneway  12. Puffer fish anyone? 13. Looks like large frames are back  14. Temple blessings  15. Market fruit  16.  Shots Tokyo style  17. Toy heaven  18. Baby geisha in Yoyogi Park  19. Shibuya Square at night  20. Rad in plaid  21. Crystallised windows at Chanel Ginza  22.  From the car  23. Birdwatching moments.

16 . 12 . 2012

New Wave



Ticking some of my favourite boxes.. Chanel, surfboards and babe-a-rama Annabella Barber

Harpers Bazaar Australia January 2013 | photography: Simon Lekias