28 . 11 . 2012

Shibuya Square

Personal Outfit

Japan Shibuya night outfit

Seriously one of the busiest places I’ve ever visited in the entire world.  We took so many photos in this session and somehow I only ended up with 4 that were useable, there were just so many people crossing ever time the light turned green.  I’m pretty sure that someone told me 2000 people use the square at any given time of the day and just to give you an idea these photos were taken around midnight, carazy!  After a night of serious Tokyo karaoke and dinner at Gonpachi the restaurant that inspired Quenton Tarantino’s famous indoor fight scene in Kill Bill crossing Shibuya Square was a walk in the park, oh actually a walk in the street…

dress: Ellery  || shoes: Asos

photography: Nat Lanyon

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26 . 11 . 2012


Personal Outfit


Give me anything made of Neoprene and I’m a fan.  Obviously this stems from the fact that all winter I’m getting around on the weekends in head to toe neoprene, and no I’m not a weirdo it’s just that the water gets so cold.  Balenciaga somehow managed to take neoprene to a whole new level and I jumped on the elevator.  Heading out for the night with the incredible Vogue Girl Japan Director Sayumi Gunji and my amazing project co-ordinator Mutsuko could be no better time to drag this little baby out of the closet .. it’s time to rock’n’roll…

dress: Balenciaga  ||  bag: Givenchy  ||  ring: Dallas & Carlos  ||  earrings:  H&M  ||  boots: Asos

photography: Nat Lanyon  ||  Illustrations: Mandy Shadforth

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21 . 11 . 2012

Track Work

Personal Outfit


By far the most athletic thing you’ll see me do these days at a sports stadium is chase down the dude with the hotdogs.  Getting sweaty is still fun it’s just that I’d rather do it in the ocean.  Sometimes it’s more interesting seeing on what’s going on beneath the bleachers than what’s going on in front of them…

 jacket: Marni for H&M (similar here) ||  crop top: no name (similar here)  ||  skirt: ebay (similar here)  || shoes: Shakuhachi  ||  sunglasses:  no name (similar here)  || rings: Fashionology

photography: Nat Lanyon

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