19. 10. 2012

The Temple Door

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I’m kind of in love with George Costanza.  Yep I know, it’s probably a bit unexpected but I’m just putting it out there.  Well George there’s no need to lose it anymore and scream..’ serenity now!’  have I found the place for you.  On a day that I had no idea was a public holiday in a city lived in by millions I headed out to the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa.  Amongst a sea of school kids, tourists and beautifully dressed local Japanese women there’s something peaceful and magic in the air. Next time you’re having a bad and you’re feeling the pressure like Georgie boy this is the place to be..

photography: Nat Lanyon

Top: Lover   |   skirt: Kahlo(similar here)  |   bag: Givenchy ‘Obsedia’   |   sunglasses: Celine   |   shoes: Kurt Geiger   |  necklace: Luv AJ   |   watch: Nixon

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