04. 05. 2017

New York With Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany-&-Co-Photo-Diary-New-York-2017-Oracle-FoxTiffany-&-Co-Photo-Diary-New-York-2017-Oracle-Fox.1 Tiffany-&-Co-Photo-Diary-New-York-2017-Oracle-Fox.2 Tiffany-&-Co-Photo-Diary-New-York-2017-Oracle-Fox.3 Tiffany-&-Co-Photo-Diary-New-York-2017-Oracle-Fox.4


This girl loves jewellery, tiny chains with charms collected from travels afar, signet rings, chunky singular statement earrings, I’ll take the lot.  Diamonds may well be a girl’s ‘best friend’, but never being one to discriminate, I’m happy to hang out with the ‘whole gang’.  It once took my bestie 3 hours, half a bottle of rosé and a magherita pizza to talk her into treating herself a pair of vintage earrings in Florence.  This was me by the way..consuming alcohol and devouring cheesy pizza, one can be most convincing fuelled by the romance of their surroundings and a cold glass of wine.

It was only a matter of time, that a girl like me would find herself in the company of Tiffany & Co., a jewellery brand almost 200 years old with a long running reputation for story telling and romance.   Over time Tiffany jewellery has woven it’s way into my life, in the same way it has done for so many of my besties,  you might even recall a campaign that I photographed last year for Tiffany here, Tiffany & Co. and Astrid Holler a liaison to remember.

And so with a history between us so strong, I was recently honoured with the invitation to join Tiffany & Co. in New York City herself for the 2017 launch of Tiffany’s most breathtakingly bespoke of one-of-a-kind pieces, the Blue Book Collection.  Titled ‘The Art of The Wild’, the 2017 Blue Book collection embodies nature at her best.  A necklace named ‘Leaves of the Sun’ rustles as it moves catching the light in the same way rainforest leaves would on a dewy summer morning, sounds so good .. just ask Jessica Biel.  Cascading waterfalls, delicate colourful birds and the luscious textures of the rainforest all play a part in inspiring elements of the collection, think the magic of Kauai and you’ll start to catch my drift.  No need to book a ticket to this lush tropical destination, the Blue Book collection will transport you there, sans hiking boots and superfluous physical exertion, a slightly more glamorous kind of cultural immersion, yes please count us in!

Coupled with the launch of these lust-worthy pieces was an event to rival the Oscars, friends of the brand including Reese Witherspoon and Claire Danes walked the carpet to celebrate Tiffany Blue Book and have a laugh with little ol me about ball gowns and uncomfortable shoes .. cue the champagne.

It’s a strange feeling to go from a Hollywood style red carpet back to your office desk, piled high with photographs and paperwork.  The week that was is now almost a blur with incredible pinch me moments; A private tour of Tiffany & Co. artefacts at the Met Museum, an iconic breakfast at the Tiffany & Co. flagship store on 5th Avenue followed by a tour of the private artisan workshop where the magic is created.  Getting frocked up in Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear for the Tiffany & Co. X  Harpers Bazaar 150 Year Anniversary, cocktails at the Whitney Biennial, and attending an in-depth Conversation on Sustainability with key brand icons Anisa Costa, Reese Witherspoon, Mike Kowalski and Dudu Douglas-Hamilton.  Not to mention our very exciting photoshoot on the streets of NYC for Tiffany HardWear with model Nicole Pollard that I cannot wait to share with you soon.  All memories to be treasured like a well worn Tiffany T necklace.

Keeping it real though it’s now time to edit as we have a lot more in store for you… eek and I can’t wait!.  Among 5000 images on my hard drive is one of my favourite photoshoots that we’ve produced to date, and some other little surprises along the way.  So for now I’ll bid you adieu, and remind you that yes that is Dominic West and I in the photo above so on that note I’ll conclude with an extra special thank you to Tiffany & Co. .. if you catch my drift.  Thank you for the memories and for the most incredible week, for the experience of a lifetime,  stay tuned as the love affair continues .. x

photography: Rodney Deane

With a very special thank you to the Tiffany Australia team .. xxx

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