03. 04. 2017

Valentino Fall 2017 RTW

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Romance may be a quality that resides in all of us, but only Valentino’s Mr Pierpaolo Piccioli can trigger such timeless passion from his beckoning admirers again and again.

This season we were transpired into Mr Piccioli’s world once again, but this time with the duality of Victoriana and the 80’s Memphis art movement as inspiration.  As models marched stoically towards the lens of my camera it was clear to see that this collection was one of strength and beauty.  Then, just as swiftly as they had approached, models veered sharply to the left, flashing hems encrusted in wine coloured sequins or embroidered with imagery reflecting artwork characteristic of the Memphis groups colourful asymmetric patterns and ideology.

After the show I was honoured to access the backstage celebrations where I joined in with the after show banter with model friends who had walked in the show.  We laughed and toasted to Pierpaolo’s success as we discussed our simultaneous love of the military-like boots paired with the bejewelled gowns, along with the combination of soft gelato hues mixed in the burgundy.  It’s no easy feat to resonate with such a diverse audience but Mr Piccioli has a certain gift there’s no doubt .. every girl needs a little romance in her life .. and a little Valentino doesn’t go astray either.

Imagery + Words: Amanda Shadforth

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