21. 03. 2017

Parfum pour femmes


Everyone smells good in Paris, so I’ve arrived home and decided it’s time to step things up.

Here’s 4 of my favourite new additions for the beauty cabinet, each with their own attitude and something for every occasion ..

1. gypsy water: Byredo  .. I need a holiday but don’t have time for one so this will keep me dreaming of Tulum in the meanwhile ..

2.  fine fragrances ‘Rose’ : Rag & Bone ..  Heading over to my besties house to watch Netflix but must make an effort to cover up the aroma of the McDonald’s that I ate on the way in the car..

3.  damn rebel bitches: REEK  .. My boyfriend just booked a surf trip to Bali without me with the money he had saved for our christmas vacay ..

4.  001 woman: Loewe  … Heading to a fancy restaurant with some colleges from work, must attempt a relatively convincing effort to appear elegantly cool and timeless .. is that too much to ask from a fragrance?


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