19. 05. 2016

Western Front

Cowgirl Tomboy Outfit Cowgirl-tomboy-celine-boots-oracle-fox

It ain’t just Celine and Vetements who have ignited our penchant for the wild west.  Bandana scarves, hardware heavy belts and a sturdy pair of ankle boots may already be hidding in your closet, and there’s no better time than now to roll those babies out with the kind of vigour that a western belle draw her pistols over ..

black silk shirt: Equipment  .  paisley-print scarf: Saint Laurent or affordable option here .  black tailored blazer: Topshop  .  studded belt: Saint Laurent or affordable option here . black trousers: Hope or affordable option here .  rodeo studs ankle boot: Celine or affordable option here .  leather saddle bumbag: Toyshop

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