10. 04. 2016

Sunday Sanctuary: An Education

sunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspirationsunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspirationsunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspiration sunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspiration sunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspiration sunday-sanctuary-birgitta-wolfgang-home-house-apartment-interiors-inspiration

You guys… This is how it’s done. This lust-worthy apartment in Copenhagen is one of those homes that effortlessly mixes the traditional with the contemporary and leaves a girl dreaming about those Herringbone floors. There are so many takeaways from this amazing interior, so why don’t we break down the top 3.

Lesson 1: Large Artworks – The bigger the better baby, when it comes to art you want to make an impact.
Lesson 2: Your dining chairs can make a statement, just because you sit on them doesn’t mean you should leave them “behind”… If you’ll pardon the pun. Take a tip from this abode, hunt down chairs that reflect your personality.
Lesson 3: Styling is everything, keeping things minimal accentuates a spaces natural charm. This doesn’t mean prison chic, embrace natural fibres, textures and FYI orange isn’t necessarily the new black.

I think you’ll agree that on this occasion, getting schooled ain’t such a bad thing.. x

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