21. 10. 2015

Inside Out

Oracle-Fox-Inside-my-bag-givenchy- black-gold

To be honest I don’t think anyone would find the contents of my bag particularly appealing at the moment… if you were to look inside right now all you would find is crumpled Parisian taxi receipts, empty peppermint packets, scribbled-all-over Paris Fashion Week Schedules and an emergency stash of Lindt dark chocolate. But, in a dream world where life is a bit more on the calm side and I ideally I’d curate a whole new list of daily essentials, ps. thanks for the inspiration Givenchy .. x

Givenchy ‘Paris 17’ Clutch  .  Chloé ‘Harlow’ Stacker Rings (similar affordable option here) .  Happy Plugs Earphones  .  Saint Laurent Key Ring  .   Chanel Coco Noir Perfume  .  Givenchy Phone Case (similar here)  .  Saint Laurent Ipad Case  .  Saint Laurent Star Scarf

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