08. 07. 2015

Team Player

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This week I’m feelin the cold!  Ok ok, I know that I live in possibly the warmest state in Australia and it may or may not be a balmy 22 degrees today even if it IS winter … but still.  It’s all about where you’re from and what you’re used to right?   Vogue Australia won’t the only ones this month to nail it with the winter ensemble/work boot combo, it’s time to toughen up!  Winter doesn’t have to be all about hiding comfortable yet somewhat unstylish footwear under your trousers it’s about pushing up the hem and finding a boot that completes the outfit.. think Johnny Depp ala Pirates of the Caribbean or more appropriately Milan Mens Fashion Week street style.  Taking tips from the boys isn’t anything new,  it’s all about the way you make it work for you, as Destiny’s Child once said “All the women, who’re independent, throw your hands up at meeee” ..

 Fernanda Ly + Astrid Holler  by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia

Illustration: Amanda Shadforth

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