02. 06. 2014

Between The Lines

black denim jeans grey coke tee topshop celine slides beanie home interior white inspiration so it goes fashion magazine celine shoes hexagon metal jewellery flat lay oracle foxceline pool slides spectre sunglasses jewellery flat lay oracle foxCeline shopping white sneakers high tops sheep skin clear chair vogue australia fashion magazine abbey lee kershaw model black sunglasses valley eyewear grey topshop knit white croc embossed back pack backpack beanie oracle fox

Between all of the flying, curating and photographic work that I do I never really get to give you guys an insight into the moments behind the scenes.  I’m going to make a little bit more of an effort to share with you guys those moments and even though it may only be little snippets

it will give you an little bit more of a chance to see the other moments at Oracle Fox .. xx

1. On Saturday morning after a long run on the beach this is one of my favourite places to chill out and relax. Wearing.. ‘coke’ tee: Topshop  .  black jeans: Nobody  .  beanie  .  slides: Celine

2. An edition of So It Goes Magazine and the Celine heels I picked up from my trip to Paris during the FW shoes sit on the dining table with some favourite jewellery on high rotation. Pieces.. shoes: Celine  .  jewellery: Alex & Ernest

3. I’m not healthy all of the time but when I am I’m a sucker for Acai bowls, I made this one on 2 frozen bananas one sachet of Acai and a cup of frozen berries in the blender, topped off with maple toasted granola

and agave syrup.  Pieces.. sunglasses: Spektre  .  slides: Celine

4. High tops by National Standard sit by the window next to a recent Celine purchase.  Pieces .. high tops: National Standard

5. On Sunday morning Sammy and I sat in the winter sun outside, I’m obsessed with this editorial from Vogue Australia featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw and styled by Christine Centenera herself, it was a nice

surprise to see a flip back to more bohemian styling in this shoot from the current cleaner more androgynous trend (which I’m also a fan).  Pieces .. sunglasses: Valley Eyewear

6. Everyone keeps asking me where i bought this backpack, I actually had it custom made and if this is something that you all love perhaps I could have some made?   Wearing .. grey knit: Topshop  .  denim shorts: Neuw  .  beanie

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