02. 04. 2014

Class Rules

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AC/DC’s  Bon Scott and crew may have been onto something you know.  If you’ve skipped a generation and aren’t catching my drift you need to google that shizzle.  Once you get past the spray on skinny jeans and hairy chests you’ll start to see what I mean..think high-school vibes all the way, prefect blazers(today’s via Alexander McQueen’s McQ), lace-up oxfords and an attitude to match.   Notes worthy of adding to your text books no doubt..just make sure that you don’t skip class or it’ll be straight to detention be warned .. X

blazer: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  knit: Vanessa Bruno  . leather skirt: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  loafers: Celine  .  bag: Louis Vuitton

photography: Nat Lanyon

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