15. 01. 2013


ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.7ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.5ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.6 ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.3ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.2 ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.1

ATG-Hayley-Bonham-Editorial.4I don’t know about you but I can’t get enough of ATG right now, those neoprene pieces are not just saved for the beach, under a white tank or even over the top they’re just so wearable..

photography: Trevor King  ||  model: Hannah Saul  ||  stylist: Hayley Bonham  ||  hair + makeup: Nadine Monley


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