07. 01. 2013

Out Of The Blue

Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.4 Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.19Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.16 Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.4Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.22 Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.17Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.23 Bali-Uluwatu-Surf-Villas-Manning-Cartell.7

Do you like white sandy beaches? Drinking from coconuts?  Eating freshly caught fish from thatched grass-roofed huts?    If you’re answer is yes to any of these questions then I suggest you don’t ever go to Uluwatu.  On that not if you’re answer is no you don’t want to know where I’ve been hiding.  Well the cat’s out of the bag now I guess but perched high on the cliffs of Uluwatu I’ve been hanging out at one of my favourite Bali hide out’s.

You guys often ask me about  places to stay in Bali and I thought it was about time to share.  Thanks to my hosts and friends Tim and Seewah the most epic couple in the Bali surf and fashion industry I now have a tan again and new abs from so much laughing.  If you’re looking for your own beach makeover check out this site.. Uluwatu Surf Villas and hopefully I’ll see you in Bali at christmas again next year .. xx

top: Manning Cartell  ||  skirt: Eska Alikai  || braceltes: 4th & Bleeker x LuvAJ  || sunglasses: Ksubi

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