29. 05. 2012

May Photo Diary

It was about time that I gave you guys an insight into some of the things that I’ve been up to lately.  You know how you’ll see something or go to an event and think..’that was so cool I should have had my camera!’.  Well I’ve been a little more pro-active lately and since I’ve been travelling around doing all sorts of cool things for Oracle Fox I thought I’d share so of those moments with you guys…here goes…xx

1. Donuts from a get together I had at my place   2. Where the wild things are at the Autumn Winter Mulberry showing    3. Back up converse after days of working in godzilla heels    4. Enchanted location while shooting for Miss Shop / Myers  5. Eye spy at the laundromat    6. Scones & Jam at Mulberry    7. A preview of some of the international labels now stocked at My Catwalk Double Bay    8. Autumn blooms   9.Gucci Artisans assembling bags in the Gucci Flagship store Sydney    10. Cozy hotel nook    11. Sunglasses on high rotation    12. Lunch at the Hughenden    13. Goodies picked up along the way    14. Gucci Artisan personalising handbags    15. Angel Lane Sydney    16. Afternoon tea with friends    17. Behind the scenes shooting with Nat    18. Acquired amazingness    19. Gucci handbag illustrations    20. The cake that took 2 weeks to eat   21. Enchanted garden    22. Belts at My Catwalk    23. Roses on the street    24. Hot chocolate at Kawa.

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