21. 02. 2012


No you’re not imagining things my hair is really pink.  Well, I cannot tell you how close I was to cutting my hair shoulder length but this was the alternative and I must admit the better choice of the two.  It’s so weird someone asked me today how I felt about having pink hair and I think I am in love!  Besides the fact that  I’m already kind of a red head, having pink hair right now is very convenient.  I don’t know how it’s happened but I own an alarming amount of pastel pieces at the moment and pink hair is the perfect accessory.  Well, we’ll see how long it lasts and hopefully this saves me from chopping it all off for the now..stay tuned.. xx
Jacket: Nina Maya, shirt: H&M, shorts: White Suede, shoes: Magdalena Velveska on behalf of Frockshop, wrist cuff: Luv AJ @ Nina Maya, neck cuff: Romwe,  sunglasses: House of Harlow, prism ring: Unearthen/
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