01. 02. 2012

Sun Dance

Finally the sun has come out in the place where I live.  Ironically would believe sunshine is part of the name of the area and this is the first rays we’ve seen in nearly 2 weeks.  Such beautiful weather requires a girl to run out to the nearest beachside area and dance around in radiant glee with the odd hair whip thrown in just for good measure.
Funnily enough I had this leather shirt made in Bali over a year ago but always felt a little bit like a leather recliner chair since the shade of brown is questionable.   Lately however it’s been getting more than it’s well earned debut since I realised it’s potential.  Fable of the story is never overlook that random item in the back of your wardrobe and dance while the sun is shining.. xx mandy
photography: Nat Lanyon
leather shirt: custom made, tank: Alexander Wang, shorts: lee, shoes: Thakoon, bag: Celine, rings: Low Luv
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