13. 01. 2014

Sweet Talker

Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.10Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.4Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.16Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.14 Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.11 Paris-Gucci-Skirt-Oracle-Fox.6

You may have already declared that you were not a feather person before reading this post, however today my friends I hope to change your mind.  With the help of ..well Gucci, and the most magical setting that only Parisian’s are capable of,  the odds are on my side.  We hope that we’ve convinced you or at the very least inspired, the difference between seeing new things .. and seeing things new..

Custom leather jacket: Sticks & Stones for Jamie Fame  .  top: Dion Lee  .  skirt: Gucci  .  shoes: Givenchy

photography: Paris In Four Months

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