20. 09. 2013

The Gucci Iconic

Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.6Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.10Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.5Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.12Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.8 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.11 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.12 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.2

Aside from an unhealthy obsession with any kind of shoe laid before me, you may have also noticed the other major love of my life (no offence to my beloved Sammy) is the handbag.  There is no luxury house that I can think of who are known better for creating such iconic and beautiful bags as Gucci and if we’re speaking iconically here it’s the Gucci Bamboo Bag.  As part of Gucci’s very exciting and exclusive digital campaign to celebrate this season’s Bamboo Collection I was lucky enough to shoot this wonderful gift  under the celestial ceilings and editorially primed elevators of the iconic Town Hall in my city.  Part of the challenge of this shoot was using inspiration from the elevator scene from the 1964 classic “Pink Panther” film.   Finding the right kind of elevator was a detective challenge all on it’s on own so here’s hoping Inspector Clouseau would be pleased .. xx

  GUCCI Patent Leather Bamboo Bag  |  GUCCI Autumn Winter 2013 Jumpsuit   | GUCCI Autumn Winter 2013 Heels

photography: Madelyn Rose

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