01. 08. 2013

Pray For Surf

Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.24 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.21 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.18 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.17 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.16 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.15 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.14 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.13 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.12 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.11 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.10 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.9 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.8Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.23 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.22 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.6 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.5 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.4 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.3 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.2 Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.1Luv-AJ-Shark-Tooth.7

The epitome of awesome.. Luv AJ’s latest campaign featuring a whole lot of shark toothed perfection .. “Pray For Surf”.  Shop the new season …here.

photographer: Claire Thomas  |  model: Beth Whitsom  |  styling: the designer and legend herself Amanda Thomas

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