03 . 07 . 2013

Black Roses

Personal Outfit

Boda-Skins-Jacket.7Boda-Skins-Jacket.8Boda-Skins-Jacket.13 Boda-Skins-Jacket.1Boda-Skins-Jacket.15Boda-Skins-Jacket.3 Boda-Skins-Jacket.4Boda-Skins-Jacket.20

Amongst gaining the ability of learning how to navigate to the front of the snake pit and other sordid skills I once dated the lead guitarist of a punk band who thankfully aided me in my obsession with all things black and leathery.   It does seem to be a re-occuring pattern in my ensembles but how can you go wrong right?  The serious fact is that you can never have to much black..

leather jacket: Boda  ||  black knit: Topshop  ||  leather shorts: Celeste Tesoriero  || shoes: Tony Bianco  ||  bag: Givenchy  || the perfect oversized beanie: Asos


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