26 . 03 . 2013

Ellery RTW Fall 2013


Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.25Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.24 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.22 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.20 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.17 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.15 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.14 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.12 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.5 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.3Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.35 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.31 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.21 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.1Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.32 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.30 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.29 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.28 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.27 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.23 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.19 Ellery-Fall-RTW-2013.16You might have noticed that I’m pulling back from posting look books that is unless they’re ridiculously good.  Kym Ellery’s Fall Ready to Wear collection is just that, I’m coveting so many pieces and … that croc embossed leather..ahhhh dying!  Shop this season Ellery .. here


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