16. 01. 2013

Washed Out

White-Suede-Bali-Oracle-Fox.6.5White-Suede-Bali-Oracle-Fox.11.5 White-Suede-Bali-Oracle-Fox.2 White-Suede-Bali-Oracle-Fox.5White-Suede-Bali-Oracle-Fox.8
Among other things in your life it should be on the top of your list to visit this place.  It’s not every day that you climb through a crevice in the earth to descend into a cave that opens up into this amazingness.  Usually I’m hiking this little trek with a surfboard under my arm but since this is a fashion blog after all I thought it best to actually wear real clothes.  I couldn’t think of a better choice than this favourite white leather number right now ..  perfectly washed out ..

leather dress: White Suede

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