25 . 02 . 2014

Come As You Are

Personal Outfit

Pants-Creme-Monochrome-Oracle-Fox.3Pants-Creme-Monochrome-Oracle-Fox.10Pants-Creme-Monochrome-Oracle-Fox.9Pants-Creme-Monochrome-Oracle-Fox.7 Pants-Creme-Monochrome-Oracle-Fox.1

From  grandpa to Kurt Cobain cool the common cardigan has once before proved itself to be a coveted option for the Nirvana-ish elite.  Always a fan of both Kurt and the cardigan it’s time to unfold your button-up knits and get ready for winter.. all no apologies..

cardigan: Topshop  .  crop: Alexander Wang  .  pants: Veronika Maine|similar here  .  bracelet: Stella & Bow

photography: Nat Lanyon

24 . 02 . 2014

In Transit

Personal, Travel


Just a bit of a visual update on what I’ve been up to this week.  A quick trip to Melbourne to attend the Myer AW14 show including some sneaky rooftop pool time, followed by some time with my favourite boys before heading off to Paris this week.. very excited.

21 . 02 . 2014

David & Goliath

Personal Outfit

Givenchy-Leather-Oracle-Fox.4Givenchy-Leather-Oracle-Fox.3Givenchy-Leather-Oracle-Fox.6 Givenchy-Leather-Oracle-Fox.2Givenchy-Leather-Oracle-FoxGivenchy.2

Bigger is better, well not always but when it comes to tee’s that the latest personal philosophy of subscription.    Although ‘let’s not get too carried away here’ said David to Goliath.  Every oversized colossal needs an equally understated component… a match of biblical proportions.

tee: Givenchy  .  leather pants: Iris & Ink   .   bag: Saint Laurent  .  watch: Nixon  

18 . 02 . 2014

Heat Wave


Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.28Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.27Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.5 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.4Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.3Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.26 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.25 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.19 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.18 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.17 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.16 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.9Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.10 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.8 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.6Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.1Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.22 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.21 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.20Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.23Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.11Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.15 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.14 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.13 Purienne-Mlle-Mademoiselle-Oracle-Fox.12

Take one very old, very cool Citroen +  Henrik Purienne  +  Kim Riekenberg and a desert white enough to make Laurence of Arabia jealous and it’s a recipe for orgasmic success..

Mlle Mademoiselle SS 2014

17 . 02 . 2014

Side Walk

Personal Outfit


Currently  my entire wardrobe has been struck down with a severe case of monochromaticitis.  This diagnosis may sound almost grim but trust me nothing could be further from the truth.  What better medical condition could one come down with when there is a notable epidemic of the black and white kind all across the styleosphere.  Thanks to a good dose of Alexander McQueen’s tomboyish McQ, a kilted skirt and some 2 tone loafers remission may be a long way off.. and I couldn’t be happier.

knit: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  shirt: McQ Alexander McQueen  .  kilt: Topshop  .  shoes: Celine (similar here)  .  bag: Louis Vuitton (similar here)

14 . 02 . 2014

Short Black

Personal Outfit

Asos-Black-Leather-Skirt-Crop-Oracle-Fox.2Asos-Black-Leather-Skirt-Crop-Oracle-Fox.6Black-Leather-Skirt-Crop-Oracle-FoxAsos-Black-Leather-Skirt-Crop-Oracle-Fox.3Asos-Black-Leather-Skirt-Crop-Oracle-Fox.1Like a shot of caffeine to the system, nothing gets the blood pumping quite like black leather.  When a skirt like this comes along just the right length, with just the right details and obviously of course in soft black leathery perfection it’s all the appropriate ingredients for one’s heart to skip a beat(caffeinated or not!) .. I’ll take a double shot please!

top: Alexander Wang  .  skirt: Black .  bag: Mode Collective  .  shoes: similar here  .  jewellery: Stella & Bow

09 . 02 . 2014

Chambre Noir


Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014 Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.3Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.5Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.11Anja Rubik, Mario Testino, Vogue Germany March 2014Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.12Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.9 Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.6Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.4Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.10 Anja-Rubik-Mario-Testino-Vogue-Germany-2014.1

Mario and Anja making beautiful black magic ..

Vogue Germany March 2014  .. model: Anja Rubik  .  photographer: Mario Testino  .  stylist: Sarah-Jane Hoare  .

07 . 02 . 2014



Barbara-Palvin-Zoltan-Tombor Barbara-Palvin-Zoltan-Tombor.1Barbara-Palvin-Zoltan-Tombor.4 Barbara-Palvin-Zoltan-Tombor.3 Barbara-Palvin-Zoltan-Tombor.2

Clean skin + messy hair the perfect combination..summer’s best accessories..

Barbara Palvin by Zoltan Tombor