13 . 03 . 2013

NYC Travel Diary


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A well overdue insight via Instagram into some of my favourite pictures from Fashion Week in New York and a sneaky stop over in LA ..

LA skies  ||  Hiking in the Hollywood Hills  ||   Afternoon tea and biccies midtown NY  ||    Afternoons at the Chateau  ||    LA fruitstand breakfasts  ||    The hills  ||    Snowy NY window sills  ||   Being snapped for Style.it  ||    NY accessories  ||   Alexander Wang Soho  ||    Cupcakes ||    PS11 love at Net-A-Porter  ||    Burberry goodies  ||   Outside the Lincoln Centre  ||   Flying over LA  ||  NY window sills ||  Supermuse Headquarters  ||  Outfit details  ||  Snowy Central Park  ||  Times Square  ||  Shooting Central Park  ||  LA Palms

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